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☠ dustball jin ☠ is doing 2 things including…

post letters here that i would never send

11 cheers


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it is my regret to inform you that the recruitment comity regarding the 40 openings blablabla


out of 1296 applicants, 92 were selected to go through our interviewing process.

please accept blablabla

-the comity’s secretary”

(actual letter i got)


p00, and there i was building my hopes up :[

well, life goes on… Here’s what i felt like replying :

Re : p00ey letter

dear miss recruitment-lady

i can’t believe you’re only interviewing 92 people when you have 40 positions to fill. that’s like two people per position (trust me, i’m a cashier, i can count and $#!†). i do not mean to shatter your optimism madam but it sounds to me like you’re being a bit cocky there taking chances with statistics like that. i think i know about 92 people myself and a good two-third of them smell. you’re pushing your luck, just saying.

i would also like to inform you that email in this day and age is a fairly reliable means of communication and that, had your stylish recruitment comity had an email (which is totally free btw), me and another 1295 desperate enthusiastic folks would have saved precious monies on stamps, paper and envelopes. i’d hate to see you go bankrupt -i’m saying this because you replied with a letter yourself, as i assume you did with every other applicant. a classy move perhaps, but what about forests ? trust me, being a good cashier who works with plastic bags and stuff i know about saving on things. don’t get me wrong, i love licking envelopes, but that saliva could have served other purposes, like lubricating your hairy mom helping science or something.

anyways, i understand that we live in a democracy and that it is your inalienable right not to meet me and my beautiful pants. i hope the interviews turn out well and that only a small half of those people will stink (though really with such a narrow sample that’s just unrealistic but whatever, your judgement call). in return, please understand that you will not be invited to my birthday party. some people will be interviewed, a small ten percent of whom will eventually be eligible for a party invitation (see, 10 to 1, that right there is a much safer sample, take it from me. i can’t guarantee there won’t be a couple of smelly ones still but at least they’ll be moar fun than you). we wanted you to interview but there were 418 applicants fo my party and unfortunately we could only interview 417 so our comity decided on just leaving out the least attractive one. we hope you understand.

please accept my sentiments blabla but mosty your shameful failure.



Could you please stop acting like a racketeer for a fucken second ? and start acting like actual family ? thanks.

“i don’t mean to put a knife to your throat” > yes, you very much do.

Dear super tight boots

We had our fun but… never again. Though a pretty good day for me, today was the worst day of my feet’s life.

to : dog owner X

Go to hell. You and all the others. And obscurity.

dear Honorius, patron saint of bakers (according to wikipedia),

why is every single baker I ever encounter in Paris or its periphery so unbelievably rude ? With all the professions out there, why does the rudest one have to be in charge of making sweet tasty things ? Wouldn’t those sweet tasty things taste incomparably sweeter if it weren’t for the apparently congenital rudeness of bakers spoiling everything ?

Dear sandwich dude,

I said no onion. Yuck. Onions. Kill ‘em all.


I blame you more than I originally did. Though I’m not so emotional about it anymore. There’s great sadness but I think I found the right drawer to sort it in, it’s not all over the place anymore. No, it’s the more I look at it with objective, appeased eyes… the more I just think you behaved very badly. And everyone does sometimes. But you just did and… that was it. I never saw you again. You never apologised, forget apology, you’d need to have a clue, you never wanted to have a clue, you never got close to expressing interest in knowing how I was doing, the consequences of your actions, never said “hey… how do you feel ?”, or “how can I help ?”, or “do you want my help at all ? or shall I let you be ?”.

After six years of relationship with you, the fact that you didn’t and probably still don’t have a clue is disappointing enough. And if you do/did have a clue, then I just don’t see how I could reasonably forgive your attitude not just then but now and every day.

In a few days, it will be three years. I don’t think I want to keep communicating with you at all. Not that we’ve been talking at all really… but when you send me a message for the first time in forever and it’s to ask me for the name of a f*cking film… that’s just too much irony and discrepency right there. I haven’t been writing a lot myself, wasn’t sure what to say, or who you were anymore… But every once in a while I’d send a picture of something I thought you might like, let you in on something silly about my current self (which is not easy ; whatever joy I manage to slowly build, my reason would tell me to keep safe from you)... You know, just tiny proof that I’m out there and still care for you no matter what, because the root of my affection stays unconditional, as it should be between people who spent such an important chunk of their life together. I don’t even really feel that coming from you. Neither do I need to anymore…

Hell, I look at things through my own eyes but what do I know ? maybe you’re out there blaming me like I blame you ! That would sure be quite hilarious me thinks as you’d need to distort or ignore pretty huge facts, but hey, who knows what’s going on in your head. The point is there are many people in the world with many a head and I’ve wasted enough time trying to figure out what’s going on in yours. I thank you for all the good. As my eyes are opening I should now thank you for all the bad, but I’m only beginning to realise the extent of how much you made me suffer. It had drastic, deeply engrained consequences on my life until now, and even if I’m optimistic, in fact particularly if I want to be optimistic, I have to aknowledge that more years are going to have to pass before I’m done recovering properly from those consequences.

So I hope you’re out there… maybe making a mess out of someone else’s life, the lucky fella… Nah, that’s not nice (though the idea sure sounds kind of sweet)... I just hope you find happiness. But now I need to find mine. And for that I must put you where I feel you belong… the past. I’m not saying I won’t see you maybe in the future. I’m able to forget. Just not now. Period.

I’ll keep wearing your hat. I’ve worn it enough and through enough that it’s my hat now more than it’s ever been yours or than any hat has ever belonged to anyone (I will fight Fred Durst and his trademark hat to the death if they disagree). There’s no emotional dependency anymore. There’s love, love that once was, and it is where it is. I’m quite in love with someone right now as a matter of fact ; I’m not even sure what it means. I don’t know too much about her and we don’t really have a whole lot in common it seems. Maybe I just really wanna have jin-time with her ? Still I feel I’m in love. I think it’s very easy to love someone. You just have to choose to. Like right now I choose that whatever you’re up to is irrelevant. Life is made of choices. My life goes on… So long. Have fun.


It’s easier if I just pretend you don’t exist. Though it’s hard not to let go of that lie, as it’s a constant effort, if subconscious. I guess what I’m saying is making things easier is actually super hard. While having a hard life is sooo easy. Sorry for asking how you’re doing when I guess I didn’t really want to know. It’s just I’m so lonely and you’re all I’ve ever shared love with ; it’s only normal, when you’re lost, to instinctively go back and curl up against something familiar. Having nothing but myself is still scary sometimes. And maybe that’s a good thing. Only it should push me to others, not back to you. I have the longing. I have the flame. Just not what it takes. Too spoiled by years of hesitation, twisted into a human ball of fear and doubt and need. I’m sleepy and possibly beginning to sound emo. To bed. Rzzz.

Dear Hyperacusis,

F$!*. You. You ruined a decent week tonight.

(And while I’m writing letters to inanimate things :
Dear Left Sideburn,

Could you please grow a teensy bit fuller ? You’re embarrassing my right sideburn and me.


to A

Wow, if we were still together I might have suffered several heart attacks already, I had forgotten you were so stalkishly jealous. So let me get this straight, in the last two years you never once asked me how I was or cared what I was up to because you knew I was staying at home alone and depressed but the second you learn I happen to have a couple of friends left you start randomly chain-texting me questions about them and where I know them from ? I love you but you’ve got issues. Serious issues. Thanks for helping me get over you, there.

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