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Hands-on UNIX Course

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I have to re-partition my harddisk to instll vs.net 2005. This is a good time for me to install freebsd. I think working on vmware is not enough I should play with real unix. (and suffer from lack of driver supports :(

Practical Unix

I am reading Mark Sobell’s Practical Unix something.
A bit thick but it is a light reading. Actually, I like the appendix. It gives more detail than man page.


I am playing with debian in vmware.
So far, the experience is good. The way that debian update the whole system via base-config is good. It is like freebsd. But I still don’t know why I always think about Slackware. It is like the beast that you were lost and you need to go back to conquere it, somehow.


To adapt with my work, I plan to install Cygwin on my Windows laptop.


What should be minimum knowledge?

First, know common unix command
Second, shell scripting
Thrid, perl/sed/awk

VMWare with Damn Small Linux

Yoh, I just installed DSL with VMWare player.
The linux running on the virtual machine is quite fast.

Currenly, I am developing program to remotely control network server. This lilnux will be used as a test server.


I am going to install VMWare player on my Windows machine so I can tinkle with unix more often.
I will start to test with Browser appliance virtual machine posted on VMWare Web site.
If things go well, I will choose whether I will go with Linux or FreeBSD.
If Linux is the chosen one, Slackware or Ubuntu needed to be choose.

At the end, Thank you VMWare for this greate free program.

My Plan

I have to admit that I am still using Windows for my programming task. I plan to install Slackware 10.1 to my laptop.
The only problem is the suppport of centrino. I have to look into it now.

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