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do yoga again

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got the reminder today,

still flunking.

jeez, and it was going so well. i’m afraid i see an intersection between falling down on this thing and falling down on #5. hi ho. this is a very educational website!

as soon as I posted the prior smug post

my a.m. discipline vanished like a ghost.

o karma you tricky bitch!

all right, i will claw myself back into regularity and i will be humble and grateful for it. thank you universe, may i please have another.

Feels Like It's Become a Ritual

I’ve gotten back on track for the past week doing a.m. sun salutes, though I can’t include lunges because of the knee. The back is still bothering me but I am gentle with it.

I am going to need to move this goal to the accomplished area soon, and raise the bar on myself. I’d like to challenge myself to take a daily walk or bike ride, and to deepen my yoga practice by getting back into a yoga class or doing a regular, full routine at home.

injury setback

back on Thurs p.m., then fest, then the Amazing Inflatable Knee. I have been good about doing back exercises. I need (kneed) my pain-free book back to find the knee exercises. oh well, RICE (except I keep forgetting about C) has been helping a lot. The AIK has not hampered me much this week. See goal #1.

keeping going

Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, WEdnesday, Thursday, Friday I did sun salutes (plus bicycling and sit-ups or leg lifts for good measure). Saturday I was too hungover to even think about physical exercise when I got up!

Bringing it home report: we got home last night and I did manage to jump up this a.m. and do the sun salutes.

It’s time to raise the stakes on this goal I think. More yoga, more more more!


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday of this week I’ve done 4 sun salutes upon rising (plus, for good measure, some sit-ups and leg-raised bicycling). On Wed I even threw in some warrior/triangle poses. This, along with total abstention from alcohol (hey, that was another of my things!) and a regimen of black beans and brown rice and salad for lunch and dinner every day, have me feeling like I’m on a spa vacation, even though the conference I’m at here at insanely picturesque Bennington College is actually a very intense and stimulating intellectual experience. Plus, for once, I’m going to hit the Folk Festival pleased with myself for how I’ve spent the weeks leading up to it preparing for skimpy, midriff-baring hippie outfits. Smug, smug, smug.

Obviously the secret to doing more yoga is complete freedom from domestic responsibility. Hmmmmmm. How do I bring this all home I wonder.

another reminder, another zero


besides anomalous Saturday, this isn’t going so well


I did not do sun salutes upon hopping out of bed, but when Matt was stretching for his run, I joined him and did my 4 (one in each direction), feeling all virtuous and pleased with myself.

Then he invited me to walk the dogs while he ran along the canal, so I did that. And that night at Justin’s graduation party, I played frisbee with Joey for probably an hour! I’m still sore! That was more exercise than I’ve gotten in months!

zero progress

Got my first reminder. Present self blushes. This goal was deliberately vague enough to include ANY yoga, even a sketchy sun salute upon waking. Have I done a single sun salute since posting it?

I have not.

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