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pass the bar exam

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Next week...

Bar exam is July 26/27. So Tues/Wed next week. I have been doing nothing but studying for the last several days – frankly, for the last several weeks. I’m tired and headachy and feel like launching all of my BarBri materials out the window. But it’ll be over. Then I will just have to wait until October for my results. Agggh.

It's a BarBri life

I gotta do what I gotta do but dangit this process is annoying.


I had to take the Multistate Professional Responsibility Exam several weeks ago, which is the ethics exam that people have to take in order to become a lawyer; it’s done in (all 50?) states and it’s something that’s required in addition to the bar exam. (note: If you think you’re gonna go to law school, just know… it’s not just school -> the bar. Oh no. That’d be too easy. It’s school -> MPRE -> bar review class -> THEN bar exam. And that doesn’t even count the application you have to fill out for character & fitness, which is a freaking project in and of itself… bein’ a lawyer don’t come cheap).
Anyways. I passed the MPRE!! VERY excited about it. I left the exam center thinking I’d need to re-take it in August ‘cuz I for sure failed… but nope! I actually passed with flying colors. Extremely happy. One step closer to bein’ a lawyer!!!

Step #2

The next step is to pay a gajillion dollars to the state bar association so they can peruse my old speeding tickets and verify I’m not a felon. Oh, and write down every single place I’ve lived since I was 18!! That’s 10 years, folks, including all of the places I lived during college (don’t even get me started…) And everywhere I worked, too. Including Radio Shack. For a month.

Q: Why do they require us to disclose speeding tickets as far back as 7 years ago when the state only keeps the records out 5 years?
A: Because they want my head to explode.

Once I finish this process, then I just get to sit back and wait til graduation… after which I start: Bar Prep.

They sure don’t let us out easy.

Step #1

I just completed step for this goal: pay a gajillion dollars to BarBri and put my fate in their hands.

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