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26 November

I had a very lucky and productive day today! :)

25 November

I did NOT overeat today!

24 November

Last day of my short-lived office job and on to a few un-restful days off.

23 November

Co-workers had a going-away party thing for me this morning—totally unexpected and soooo sweet!

thanks Metafora

22 November

So incredibly jealous of mom & sister’s one-week vacation!

21 November

I am SO ready to be out of this place and living alone.

20 November

My back is so itchy I might just die…and I can NOT scratch.

18 November

Lots of changes coming my way as the year comes to a close and I hope I am ready to face the challenge.

16 November

3 hour tattoo plus two jobs equals exhausted beyond belief!

12 November

Sometimes I just don’t know what to do…I’m helpless but I can’t give up.

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