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think before I eat

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I'm getting really good at this...

I have totally conquered the Celiac lifestyle, am able to eat and cook and shop without crying. I can even go to parties without being devastated over the lack of food for me. A big thank-you to PC for going nearly-gluten-free to make me feel better and not torture me with food I can’t eat. He also cooks for me too frequently, and so I get to eat yummy GF meals all the time!


it’s been easier to just not eat.

Bad bad bad.

I need to figure this out…I don’t know how to eat on-the-go with such restrictions. :(

Another BBQ today

My dishes are dirty so I don’t want to wash them and cook lunch before going. C flaked and isn’t coming with me. The hostess asked me to bring beer…which I can’t drink. So…I just stayed in bed. Not a good solution.

You've got to be kidding me...

Wheat is apparently in enchilada sauce. Whyyyy?

I found some red gluten free kinds but I wanted the damn green! I lose.

Something at Starbucks is making me sick...

I think there might be gluten in the soy milk. Damn.

I was invited to a BBQ this evening.

Lame lame lame. I am rapidly understanding why people with Celiac do not socialize much… I’m usually super social and I’m already kind of dreading this thing. The hard part is, that after 10 years of vegetarianism, people are awfully sweet and do things like buy veggie burgers or make special non-meat snacks if they know I’m coming. Now I’m going to have to feel awful turning down their food. I had a waiter totally make fun of me 2 nights ago because I told him I was a vegetarian who also couldnt eat dairy or gluten. :(


I was going to name this goal “think before I put things in my mouth” but then that made me giggle- I really just meant food.

I have nearly-eaten so many things over the past few days that I’ve realized that I don’t think about what I eat- at all. Now, it’s completely necessary that I think about every little thing I consume.

Hopefully this will become second nature. And hopefully I’ll at least lose a few pounds in the process.

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