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Absolutely unreal!

After two weeks travelling around Cuba I have to say, it was amazing! Havana, Santa Clara, Cienfuegos, Trinidad. I covered only about a quarter of the country by geography, but it just doesn’t seem enough. You could easily spend a month in the place. The people are fantastic, the country is safer than most places in even Europe, the food is good (especially the fruit :d).

There are a few well publicized scams that do the rounds (fake cigars sold by pretty much anyone who approaches you on the street, money exchanged for national peso instead of convertibles, getting taken to bars/restaurants/casas for commission), and there’s a bit of hassle which turns to a kind of background buzz after a while (annoying, but easily ignored), but anyone who does their homework should be able to handle it quite well. Staying in a casa particular is also much better value, more atmospheric and generally nicer than staying in a hotel (avoid the all-inclusives – the food, alcohol and service are pretty poor). A girl I met who was travelling solo also said that she was hassled far more often, so I’d probably suggest for girls to travel with someone else – otherwise tourist bars/hotels provide a welcome refuge, and you’re likely to meet other travelers there anyway who you’ll probably hang out with.

The landscape is amazing (especially in the mountains), the cities are beautiful, the weather’s great, the water’s warm – what more could you ask for? And if you’re up for some cohiba, mohito and salsa action there’s no better place in the world. I met some great people during my trip – both travelers and locals alike – who made this the best holiday I’ve ever had. I’ll be back.

Viva la Cuba!

Arrived in Havana a couple of days ago. It’s a really nice city. I had expected to be hassled pretty much everywhere, but it’s not like that at all. The people are really friendly, the food is good and the mojitos are sensational. Off to Santa Clara tomorrow if I can manage to communicate :)

Finally - I'm booked!

After weeks of procrastinating, I finally booked a casa particular in Havana. So that’s now my first bit of accomodation sorted. Flights, tourist visa, accomodation, vaccines, a couple of salsa lessons up my sleeve and language lessons on the iPod. I am officially ready for cohibas, mohitos and a really great holiday.

I recommend casaparticular.org – you can search by city, book online and there’s photos of all the apartments along with a marker of the place on a map. Great to get your bearings.


Ticket booked for two weeks at the end of April. Reactions from family and friends mixed since I’m going solo. Now all I have to to is pick up Spanish, get a visa, work out where exactly I’m going and what I’m going to do when I get there. Minor details ;) Nothing makes life interesting quite like an adventure.

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