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Rush Lake Preview

Gusty, but KimmeeG and I drove out to check out the conditions. One Kiter passed us heading out of town in his honda Element, he seemed curious but not stupid to get into the conditions just yet. We pondered the entrance to the lake and didn’t feel like getting the passat high centered like the I did the time in the San Rafael Swell and I was rescued by a prayer to Lauree the Reverand. We drove out gathered silver sage by the mine tailings and wondered about the contamination from the area. “Is it safe?” K. asks. “Not Sure” I respond, “U-tube has pretty good footage, but”. The light was changing fast and as we drove out of town we pulled off the side of road, to the watch the sunset. It was specactular, the Utah western light always makes me tear up, Hawaii has nothing on our sunsets, surprisingly. We didn’t need to talk much, we both knew K should have brought her paints, and I hoped that the sage I collected was enough to replace the sage I had been using up at the Shaman’s house. I learned something that night to follow your gut and get out of the house more, take a friend, and remember to receive the gifts that you were not expecting. I so heart Alpine Glow. —xojk

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