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get out of debt


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1.5 out of 3.5 payments made

2 more to got over the next 2 months! Then no more credit card debt!

the second card...

Made an arrangement w/ creditor over my visa card. Agreed to a lump sum payment (lump amount broken into 3.5 payments). Will be paid off by the end of May!!! This will encourage me to do my taxes asap.

1 down & 1 more to go

I paid a lump some to a creditor after working hard & saving many dollars to be able to do this. Having a cop show up at your door (thank god I wasnt home) & leave his card was a big motivator. I want to buy a house, so my credit needs to be cleaned. I made an effort to stash away enough money from my weekly paycheck & avoid temtations of buying usless things. All my purchases are in cash. Now I have to take care of my last credit card. I need to work up the courage to call them & “work out a deal.” I know I can do this w/out fear, I already did.


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