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Rescue sick and injured animals

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They find me.

Its usually wild birds, our house is like a magnet for sick,tired and needy wild birds, we end up with several throughout the year in our care.

In July 2008 I had one of the best experiences of my life when I had the priviledge of having to hand-rear a newborn female Blackbird named ‘Bill’ for 3 weeks. I became her mother after she fell out of her nest at only 9 days old, and wow did I get possessive and maternal over her! She was about to die when she was found but a miracle happened and against the odds I managed to rear her into a beautiful full grown bird before she went never to return.


I adore animals, so much nicer than than humans. In animals you know what to expect, in animals you can trust.
I will care for those in pain and in need of love.

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