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Get a speed bump installed on my street

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Not gonna happen, but maybe some other calming device

My street isn’t eligible for a speed bump. I guess not enough pedestrians get creamed per year compared to other streets in town.

The street might be eligible for one of those auto radar sign trailers, but the money for them is frozen due to a dispute between CleanScapes (yes, the company that picks up trash) and their labor. Don’t ask me what this has to do with radar trailers, but it could be months before the funds are available.

New street, new drive to get this done (no pun intended)

Moved across the neighborhood to a new street. I think it’s also in need of a speed bump. There’s a school and community center up the street, and a daycare around the corner. Our kids and the neighbor’s child have to cross the street to get the school bus. Cars are going too fast!

I contacted the NTO coordinator to get the schedule of upcoming NTO workshops.

More Seattle info

Neighborhood Traffic Operations (NTO), a workgroup within Seattle
Department of Transportation (SDOT) is holding neighborhood traffic
safety meetings in the community. These meetings are geared toward
residents who are interested in working with NTO concerning speeding on their residential street.

The meetings begin at 6:30 p.m. and will conclude at 7:30 p.m.

The meetings will include a power point presentation, with a brief overview of different traffic calming options, what steps a neighborhood must take to be considered for traffic calming, criteria staff use to prioritize projects, and possible funding sources.

Residents will also be trained in the proper use of radar speed guns.

If residents want to enroll their street in the traffic calming
program, a representative from their street must attend one of these
meetings. I suggest at least two residents from your street to attend meeting.

Schedule of community meetings:

June 24, 2009, Wednesday: Northeast – University Heights RM 211, 5031 University Way NE

July 15, 2009, Wednesday: Southwest – SSCC, President’s Room, 6000
16th Ave SW

August 12, 2009, Wednesday: Ballard—Ballard Library, 5614 22nd Ave NW.

September 16, 2009, Wednesday: Southeast – Rainier Community Center,
4600 38th Ave S

October 21, 2009, Wednesday: Northwest – Greenwood NSC, 8515
Greenwood Ave Ne

November 10, 2009, Tuesday: Delridge—Youngstown Cultural Arts
Center, 4408 Delridge Way SW.

December 16, 2009, Wednesday: Lake Union – Fremont NSC, 908 34th Ave

January 20, 2010, Wednesday: East – Capitol Hill Library, 425 Harvard Ave E

February 17, 2010, Wednesday: Greater Duwamish – Beacon Hill NSC,
2821 Beacon Ave S

March 16, 2010, Wednesday: North, Lake City library conference room, 12501 28th Ave NE

April 21, 2010, Wednesday: Central, Odessa Brown Clinic, 2101 E Yesler Way

May 18, 2010, Tuesday: Magnolia/Queen Anne, Magnolia Community Center, 2550 34th Ave W

Looking forward to working with your neighborhood,

Jane Rebelowski

Associate Civil Engineer Specialist
Seattle Department of Transportation
Traffic Management Division
700 Fifth Ave Suite 4188
P.O. Box 34966
Seattle, WA 98124-4996
Tel: (206) 684-0817
jane.rebelowski@[the name of our city].gov

Seattle info

Here’s some info for getting a traffic-calming device installed on your street:

There’s a phone number to call, and a list of the different traffic-calming measures they can install.

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