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Mango languages

I started supplementing my weekly Hebrew class with some online learning, in the form of mango languages It’s a fun online way to learn languages. They slowly walk you through new vocab and grammar, building on what you’ve already learned. I can access it for free through Seattle Public Library.

Class 2

I finished the intro class, and now I’m on to the second class. It’s moving at a pretty good pace. I study a couple times a week in addition to the weekly class. We’re getting into verbs now which is always fun, but luckily Hebrew verbs are very easy to conjugate in the present tense. There are only 4 forms (male or female, singular or plural), so there’s no 3rd person to worry about.

Conversational Hebrew class

I’m taking a weekly Hebrew class at synagogue. It starts at the basics (Alef-Bet) and works up to conversational “street” Hebrew.

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