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Write a graphic novel in November for NanoGraphicMo

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Joe Goldberg has written 17 entries about this goal

Almost done

I’m still working on this even though it’s not NanoGraphicMo any longer.

I’ve been posting completed pages here:

NanoGraphicMo 2011

Decided that instead of trying again, I’d just pick up where I left off at the end of last November. It was easier than I thought it would be to get back into the story, though drawing the characters is hard. I guess when you don’t draw for a year you go back to square 1.

I think I’m up to 22 pages. I’m determined to finish it this year because I don’t want to wait until November 2012 :)


Due to secret life issue that hopefully will be resolved soon. Or said issue may give me more time to work on it…

On a roll (20/48)

Drew three pages yesterday, the most of any one sitting! I was really in the zone and had a lot of fun drawing. That came through in the drawings, they were more whimsical than my previous work. I hope I can get in that zone on a regular basis.

November is over

It was just me and the baby last night so I didn’t get any drawing done. I’m about 18 pages done. Maybe 19 if I keep going with this side story that I’m 1 page into.

Like I said earlier, I’m going to give myself till the end of 2010 to finish this, but I’m not giving up!

Back after Thanksgiving break

I saw most of the characters in the book over the weekend, so I got some good material from them. But I’ve only drawn 1 page since my last update. To stay on track I’d need to draw 6 pages tonight!

16 I think

I don’t have the pages in front of me but I think I’m up to 16. It’s more complicated to count pages now because I have the main story, a side story that’s sorta shelved, and endnotes.

Back in the game (13 of 48)

Got two pages done yesterday. Introduced some new characters and some drama!!

1/2 page

Better than nothing.

Also did some more timeline stuff to piece the story together (reading old blogs is painful).

Back on the wagon (11.5 of 48)

Though I was off the wagon until last night due to a family function. I got one good page, and a half page of another little side story that may or may not make it into the book.

I talked with a friend over the weekend who’s a part of the story, and she helped me fill in a few blanks. I also did some research, looking at old photos and blogs to try to piece together the chronology.

At this point I’m going to be realistic and give myself a 1 month extension. So I’d like to have 48 pages drawn by the end of 2010.

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