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Live the Hero's Journey

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a Hero's Journey film

Watched Stranger Than Fiction. It’s mostly a corny romantic comedy but there was some good stuff hidden in it about living the Hero’s Journey, and generally being an awesome person.

The Hero's Journey

A friend linked to this blog post about going on an adventure

The blog post contained the concept of the monomyth (which he calls the Hero’s Journey, a term I now prefer since I can think of myself as a Hero).

The steps of the Journey are listed here:

As with most people, I’m stuck at step 3, depending on the “call to adventure” I choose to heed. Venessa and I have talked about a 10 year plan to get rid of (almost) everything and live on a sailboat. That would certainly be an adventure.

Some older cousins (the Wise Mentors) have done the same thing, and I’m seeing them in a few weeks. However, I don’t think the act of planning on doing something a decade down the line qualifies as heroic.

Other adventures:

  • Biking across a continent
  • Starting a company
  • Homeschooling or “roadschooling”

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