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learn italian

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Johan van der Merwe has written 2 entries about this goal

Finished learning the basics of Italian

This morning I finished the last chapter of my Italian course. In my previous attempt to learn using the course I did one chapter a week and I stopped half way through. 7 weeks ago I started learning again by doing a chapter every Saturday and Sunday morning which means I did all 14 chapters in only 7 weeks.

I have now learnt all 4 of the big romance languages and I am very proud of the achievement because it has been a goal of mine for many years.

Stopping half way and starting all over again

I managed to finish about half of the book and audio course I was using to learn Italian a few months ago. I stopped learning because I was suffering from a lot of depression at the time.

Every time I see that course on my bookshelf I feel guilty for not having finished it. I taught myself Spanish, Portuguese and French and I want to complete the 4 big romance languages by learning Italian. It’s something that will make me feel like I have really achieved something.

If I do one chapter a week then a should be able to finish it in only 14 weeks which is not long. I am only looking to understand the basics of the language so when I have finished the course I will consider this goal complete.

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