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February Bootcamp 2012: Play and Productivity!

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Success means we go to sleep at night knowing that our talents and abilities were used in a way that served others

This month isn’t going super well; but it feels like everyone is struggling a bit. But we’ve got more play and productivity on the horizon leading up to March. More skiing, more gym, back to work, more aat (although that starts next month) it’s all good :D

Are there any ideas for March as well?

I enjoy the sponsored link 'Get shit done'

So I still like reading everyone’s posts, they’re a boost. But it does feel like Feb is a…what’s the word. Difficult month for people.
Then there’s me coming late.
There’s still a good bit of February to go; plus if we’re finding this month a little tough just think of how bright and breezy March will be with it’s probable pun with Marching onward.
But yea lets go have an adventure – thanks joyjoei ;)

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So I went skiing today, it was cool. That’s got to be play right?
Plus I’m revising so that’s productive.
Day three and done I win :P
Only joking – I’m a joker just fyi
Doing stuff is what I’m doing right now, so that’s always a good thing :)


Deadlines are always fun and with this being the shortest month double deadline.
I’ve just got to keep my head down and focus on everything I do and keep it all pointed forward.
Lets go.

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