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power mower

with rain in the forecast, and my time to do garden things on non-rainy days a little limited this week I am resorting to the power mower to cut the grass this week. (it took a lot of homework but I did find one that meets California emmission standards on the East Coast)

Since it has a mulching blade, I’ll be bagging the clippings this time instead of allowing them to degrade on the lawn. They’ll be headed right to the compost and tossed like a salad with everything else in there. With some major plans to expand and rework the garden for next season I really want to maximize the chance to compost pretty much everything I can get my hands on.

it's compostable

I’m already a big time recycler and composter – but now I have to share the joy! Starting soon, probably the week of labor day, I’ll be starting a weekly “It’s Compostable” item on my blog to highlight obvious, and not so obvious, items that are compostable. Each will be more of a photo blog with a paragraph or two.


virtually everything from the 4th of July car will be reused and repurposed next year – even the paper plate wheel covers are going into the “float stuff” storage box for next year.

Oliva is ready for Montclair NJ's #4thofJuly Parade

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