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bag it

I now keep a few bags from the grocery in the car so when I walk I can take them along with me and grab up the water bottles and soda cans that are left. There aren’t a lot, just a handful, BUT, most people would toss them into one of the many trash cans in the park – I’d rather take them home for my curbside recycling.


So many of the things that I do on 43things relate back to my “walk every day” goal (books on CD, smile at people when I meet their eye, etc) and now recycling has become a part of walk every day.

I am amazed at how many times I see water bottles discarded near the parking area of the park. (Dude, you are like 10 metres from your freaking car!) Anyhow, I have started to pick up a bottle or two on every trip to the park. (I would do more but I want to avoid the reputation as the crazy smiley guy who picks up trash – I am single and that would not be a good rep to have!)

For the record, I have collected more Aquafina bottles than any other brand.


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