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find a unique, cute little travel mascot to take with me on all trips and photograph "him" next to touristy sites wherever i go...(kind of like the traveling gnome).

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Estelle Discovers Smashburger

a new Smashburger opened and Estelle was there to check it out

Estelle Gets Political

( leading a one chicken protest against KFC )

Jeero And LeCreuset

he likes LeCreuset because it comes in Jeero colour

Undercover Jeero

trying to blend in Branch Brook Park in Newark NJ

There is no way this ends well ..

Jeero and the Sheriff

Bravado Jeero!

While touring Lambert Castle in Paterson NJ Jeero could not help but show off for the tourists.

Romeo and Jeeroette

But soft, what light through yonder window breaks? It is the east, and Jeero is the sun.

(Jeero getting all dramatic at Lambert Castle in Paterson NJ)


Mocha Girl Ishababy is ready to take Manhattan – the only question that remains is how many high powered career girls are still in diapers?

Jeero @ Yoga

Well Jeero never made it into Yoga, he found himself fancying the instructors car and spent the time near it.

Jeero Needs Caffeine!

After participating in Super Tuesday voting, Jeero heads to the Starbucks in Nutley NJ for an Upside Down Doppio Con Pana

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