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Be comfortable with uncertainty & change

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I feel like I’m making improvement here, mostly because I know if I don’t, I will drive myself crazy. Why? Because change is inevitable.

I had a difficult time adjusting when I changed jobs in March. Now I’ve changed jobs back again, and I am trying to handle the change better. I’m realizing that some decisions that I think are important really don’t matter as much as I think they do, so that is helping me not worry so much. But still I have a ways to go.


I’m thinking of crossing this one off. My move to Chicago a year ago went amazingly well. It felt effortless. I got engaged, and I’m very excited. Leaving my old job was hard, but it needed to be done (I think). I get nervous about the steps I need to make changes, but the changes themselves are somewhat exciting.


I thought changing jobs might be stressful, but I’m realizing that even switching to a new project at work is taking some adjustment for me. Learning to deal with change is good for me.

even small, expected changes

So as I was looking through my goals, and I was wondering what the next big life change would be for me, and where this goal would be tested.

But I realize that its not big life changes that I have a hard time adapting to, it is small changes as well. I am bitterly having a difficult time adapting to the most predictable change of all—the change of seasons. I started running this summer, and now I am all thrown off: no more comfortable sunset jogs in the park at nine in the evening for me. I’ve been very angsty about this and I’ve started to doubt that I’ll even continue exercising throughout the winter.

But I know that there are multiple things I can do: load up my ipod with some new tunes and hit the treadmill or indoor track, invest in some winter running clothes and embrace the early morning run, maybe even join a running group that meets through the winter. It is just a matter of adapting, and this goal is a reminder about that.


As I get older, this seems to get more and more difficult. When I am dealing with changes in life, even small ones like moving to a new apartment across town, my anxiety usually seems to be the worst. I’d like to focus on this goal a bit, before the next life change comes and knocks me over again.

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