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Admire winter and sparkle in happiness for the whole season

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almost over

I’m tempted to give up on this goal, because I know I haven’t enjoyed and appreciated winter all season at all. When I hear the forecasts for more snow, my heart sinks. I am longing for spring.

But I’ll keep the goal on the list a bit longer, to keep reminding myself to enjoy the beauty of this season in whatever ways I can.

its hard to sparkle

Its hard to sparkle with happiness, when the temps are in the single digits and the wind is cold and it just keeps snowing and it feels like winter is never going to end.

But its getting warmer (in the 20s F) and the days are getting longer, and it is almost February, which means it is the beginning of the end.

I wanted to appreciate winter with this goal more, and I still would like to. I wanted to go sledding or skiing or snow-showing or ice skating, and I’ve yet to this winter. The snow-covered trees outside my office window are beautiful, but I still don’t feel like I’m sparkling.

Instead, I curl up with DVDs, and enjoy my coffee and take solace in the fact that spring is coming soon.

another thing

Another nice thing about winter is the rainy days just barely above freezing that feel so so warm. :)

so far this season...

More Christmas lights keep popping up in my neighborhood. I’ve gotten more and more Christmas shopping done. I’ve eaten more chocolate and sweets than I know is good for me, and loved each moment of it. I felt the exhilaration of running on snowy days and snowy nights. I’ve swapped stories of sledding, and skiing, and driving in terrible weather. The grass is now covered in snow, and we’re expecting much more snow tonight.

I grumble about the dark and the wind and the traffic and the slush and scrapping my car off in the morning, but I also feel like I am part of a special alliance of people who live in cold climates. There is something magic about winter, and I’m glad that I share it with others, as we commiserate about the season’s many inconveniences and pains, but also share in its joy.

Looking forward to the FIRST DAY OF WINTER, which (hard to believe) is still a few days away.

enjoying winter

Thanks for the invite, Laura!

This morning I woke up and looked outside to happily see big fluffy snowflakes falling. I also went for a nice run outside tonight. The trees were already decorated with Christmas lights.

I have a tendency to just want winter to pass. I’m glad to have a goal to remind me to enjoy it. I hope to continue to enjoy the niceness of winter, even as autumn officially passes and the weather turns colder.

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