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create my own stimulus plan by doing at least one NEW AND FULFILLING thing in July, August, and September 2009

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new and filling

I’m getting to explore lots of restaurants in Chicago, since my boyfriend moved there in August. Mexican seafood, three different awesome pizza places, and an incredible burger topped with hot peppers, goat cheese and pico de gallo. Not quite compatible with my “reach my happy weight” goal, but oh so good.

row boat team building exercise

Our department went on an outing to the park on Friday afternoon. We had a BBQ, played a how-well-do-you-know-your-co-workers game, and then went to rent canoes.

Unfortunately, all of the canoes were taken, but we were able to get kayaks, paddle boats and row boats instead. I ended up in a row boat with my boss and another co-worker and had a great time. I’d never rowed a rowboat before, and neither had my boss. Both of us ended up going in circles quite a bit when it was our turn to drive.

Its been a good week for work diversions. It would be nice if work was always like this.

hibachi steakhouse

We went out for a work lunch to a Japanese steakhouse downtown with the people on my project. It was two blocks away from the place I worked for six years, and I’d never been there. The food was great, and the fancy knife tricks that the chef did were quite entertaining.

It was a great diversion for our team. Its been a long project, with several months to go, so it was nice to step away from the office for a bit.

the beach

I’m spending the week on the New Jersey shore, with my boyfriend and his family. Ahhh. Its been a long long time since I’ve taken a beach vacation, and the first time I’ve taken one at the ocean. Very nice.

senior olympics dance sport competition

I wasn’t a competitor, but a spectator. I watched my parents compete in their ballroom dance competition. It was pretty cool too see my parents having lots of fun (and kicking butt in Rumba), and a lot of great dancing.

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