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have more balance and direction in my life

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spinning plates

Interesting. I don’t remember adding this goal. I like it though! I feel as if I have more balance in my life right now. I like the mix of hobbies I have going, as well as my social life and work.

I don’t feel like I have more direction, but I’m feeling more at peace with that. In “Surely You Must Be Joking, Mr. Feinman”, Feinman talks about how he sees someone spinning a plate in the cafeteria and he starts doing some physics calculations around it. He considers it play, just studying it for fun of it. Eventually, this leads to discoveries that he wins the Nobel Prize for.

I don’t expect to win a Nobel Prize, but I’m feeling more comfortable just doing things that interest me without an end goal in mind.

too many directions

Right now, I’m feeling unfulfilled by work, so I’ve been trying to find direction and meaning in other things. But I’m not really sure where best to channel my energy. My therapist said that times of clarity come after feeling lost. I hope she’s right, and I wonder when I will find (or decide on) my way.

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