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redecorate my apartment


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jooyoung choi has written 4 entries about this goal

I think it's nice.

It’s nice once you do it, but it’s not as nice as the actual process you kind of realize that after you’re done (:


I have done this, and it was good. Now it’s over. I will attach an image of what my apartment looks like (:


taking an apartment and making it a home...

so it is going well. I’m really excited. I finished painting the wall a soft pastel blue-teal and then painted the closet door a warm orange, red, and goldish yellow. I read in my art class that using contrasting colors will actually make them brighter. Blue teal and orangish warm colors are contrasting colors.

It looks great. I re-arranged all my paintings on the walls and I am starting to look at colors for the kitchen.

Just in time! My sister, is having her new husband Kevin (she just got married!! My brother in law, will be dropping off their pots and pans since they are getting new ones from their wedding.

I am now trying to think of a creative way to display them.

I am thinking something hanging above the stove would be nice.

We’ll see. (:

I think I will invest in a camera soon, so you all can see my progress!



Okay so it's time for this to happen.

My boyfriend and I moved into a new apartment about 3 months ago, and the walls are for the most part still white.

I have started painting it, It’s about one fourth done on one wall.

I don’t know how much time I’ll have, but something HAS GOT to change this place is pretty drab. Other than all the paintings and musical instruments everywhere.

So this week my boyfriend is gone on business which gives me time to work on the apartment and try to make it look great.

Richard can’t handle disorder very well, so usually I wait for times when I have a day alone to do anything really big, moving futons, rearranging things.

What we have for an arrangment works, but I feel like everything looks bulky and bland, and it could be spiced up a bit.

I’ll try to take pictures.

I should invest in a camera, I love looking at pictures of how people remodel their place.


Okay, back to painting the wall.




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