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do my morning pages every morning

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it's what i do

750words is so great. it’s amazing, but not that surprising, how much the promise of an animal badge can motivate me to keep up this practice. i just did about 33 days in a row and got me an albatross badge. what a great bird!

plus, i really think that this practice helped me survive the essay portion of the bar exam. i’m sure the words flowed from brain to hand much quicker and easier after forcing myself to freewrite quickly and without distraction every morning for weeks. seriously.

it’s also great me-time. i let myself indulge in whatever mess in my head that wants articulation without reservation. i love this.

it’s a set part of my morning routine. i’m going to call this done! yay! thanks for the site, buster!

three days in a row!

that’s better than i’ve done in months. i forgot how much i missed doing this. i hope i can keep it up a little longer.

just want to say

that i actually did it this morning. i got a little relief in my schedule, so i had time in the morning. ‘twas nice. gonna try to make a habit of it … again.

i'm so lame

i still haven’t been doing it. i mean, i’ll resolve to do it and will actually do it for about three days and then that’s it. done. no longer doing. lame.

i need to focus on that morning routine. maybe that will help me get my act together.

or even just free writing whenever. even if i can’t get it done in the morning.

this habit is taking me forever to get down. whatever. i’m not giving up on it. aiowelgfa!


three days in a row of writing. not exactly first thing in the morning, but at least i am writing a little. that’s better than all the not writing i was doing before. i can keep this bit of momentum up a bit, i suspect.

alright already

i haven’t been doing this at all. at all. it’s super valuable, though. my creativity has hit a block and i think this could get it going again.

i resolve to do it tomorrow.


missed yesterday because i ended up crashing at a friend’s house. missed today because i overslept.

tomorrow. nothing can stop me tomorrow.


i have no excuse now. i bought the journals today. it took me forever, but it doesn’t matter because it’s done. now, nothing but my own volition (or lack thereof) can stop me from writing these pages.

bad start

haven’t written a page. but i just signed up to do nanowrimo, so i should get this going to prepare. seriously.

step one

get the journal. gonna try to do this today. today! and start the writing tomorrow. good.

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