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ready steady is doing 37 things including…

Get rid of my hyperpigmentation

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great progress

it’s faded so much! i’m so relieved. just a little bit of cover up on a couple of blotches and it’s fine. it’s no longer crushing my self-esteem. completely makeup-free days are in my near future, i know it!

this last month i have been using m2 every night and sweetsation spf moisturizer which has some kojic acid in it. this last week i started using turmeric-honey masks every night too. turmeric acts as a skin lightener, kind of like hq but without all the cancer. i’ve seen some progress in the last week that i’m attributing to the turmeric.

this is really great.

two months with m2

my face is still splotchy but it’s still better. now that the more superficial sun spots have really faded, the more stubborn melasma spots are easier to identify. still, given that heat exacerbates and darkens melasma and it’s been breaking 100 humid degrees outside for the last few days, it seems that even the melasma splotches are on their way out. they would be raging otherwise, i’m sure. if their faint presence now is how they rage these days, i’m feeling hopeful. maybe when the summer heat dissipates in a few months the melasma splotches will follow suit.

now that i’m starting the third month with this treatment, i’m going to use it every night instead of every other night. maybe that will speed it up a little too.

one month with m2

i dare say that it’s working. i wasn’t sure for a while but i think the difference is significant enough to say that this time it’s for real.

my skin has cleared up – little to zero acne, lighter sun spots are gone. i’m still splotchy in some areas, but those spots have definitely faded. they used to be visible even through both foundation and coverup but now just a little coverup makes them barely perceptible. i’m so glad – i hate wearing foundation, especially in the summer.

the melasma might flare up again when it’s period time, but maybe it won’t be so bad this time.

i’ve already done away with the foundation. this goal will be complete when i don’t even have to use coverup. i actually think this is possible now.

i think this is it

i know i’ve said it before, but this time i think it could really be true. after only ten days of the m2 in addition to my usual herb regimen it seems light enough that i do not need to use much coverup at all. usually i spot treat my spots with coverup in addition to regular makeup, but i didn’t think i really needed the extra coverage this morning. still visible, for sure, but it just didn’t seem that bad.

plus, it usually darkens when it’s period time and it is that time. instead of raging, my spots have been extra tame.

it could still be psychological. it’s only been ten days. if it’s actually working, in a few weeks it should be undeniably working. if it’s not really working… i don’t know what then. it doesn’t matter. i kind of think it’s actually working.

i believe in this one

i just got some m2 skin refinish, formerly known as mama lotion. i keep reading rave reviews from people on its miraculous effectiveness on melasma. all over the internet. they say results should be significant within one month. that’s quite a promise. i kind of believe it will work. :)

i’m still taking the herbs to keep the internal cause at bay, but i am impatient. i miss my makeup free days. one year ago, i did not wear any foundation. my skin wasn’t perfect then, but it was at least passable.

i am amazed at how bad it got over the last year – over the last three years, actually. thanks for the skin-damaging stress, law school. i’m burying you dead this weekend, law school, you m.f.!

still trying

i finished my huge order of msm a while back, but i didn’t feel like much progress was made, so i never re-ordered.

i didn’t take anything for a while and my hormones definitely whacked out in the interim. my period was nearly two weeks late and i swear i think i saw some new hyperpigmentation spots on my forehead.

i decided to give maca root a try and i’m back on my friend’s herbs. sure enough, my period came on time this time (i love tcm). now i’m about five weeks into this new routine and maybe it’s better?

i always think that after starting a new routine, only to take it back a few minutes/hours/days later. maybe i’ll change my mind tomorrow, but i didn’t wear any makeup today around the house and i did not get as disheartened by the splotchiness of my skin tone as i usually get when i see myself without makeup. but what if i don’t change my mind? magari!

i’ve been exfoliating a lot too. maybe that’s helping.

another thing

earthclinic recommended grapefruit seed extract. quite a few ladies on the forum there claim that it worked for them in a few weeks. it’s an anti-fungal, so if some kind of fungus or candida contributes to the problem, it should help. i started yesterday. it’s also super gross. i tried it in some juice to see if that would help and it was still gross. i can get it down fine, i just need some kind of chaser.

a few days ago i noticed that one of the spots i have has a big white spot in it, i.e. no pigmentation. i can’t remember if it was like that before though. i want to believe that the spot is breaking up and that other spots will soon follow, but i can’t really say. i’m keeping a close watch now.

maybe i'm onto something

i took a week off from the msm. i’m not really sure why, honestly, but i did. i noticed a slight worsening of my skin quality by the end of that week – not so much with the hyperpigmentation, but with the overall texture and smoothness. it was looking pretty nice there and then it wasn’t as much. i’ve been back on it a week, and that smoothness has come back. if it is the msm, i’m surprised that it would make an impact so quickly. i guess it’s subtle, though. i’m sure no one noticed but me.

anyway, i was poking around the internet to get more ideas on how to treat this and i kept running into this copper toxicity thing. it turns out that i eat a lot of high copper foods and am likely low on zinc, which balances out the copper. best source for zinc at a good zinc-copper ratio = raw oysters! yes!!! i happen to love them and am meeting some friends for dinner at a restaurant nearby that serves them. perfect!

probiotics is another thing that is supposed to help. i think having too much yeast or other fungus in the system can cause hyperpigmentation also. and of course, i have been one of those rare healthy adults to have the misfortune of experiencing oral thrush in the past, so this could definitely be a possibility also. it turns out, kim chi and pu-erh are both pro-biotic! love it!

so i’m taking the msm, upping my zinc, and getting the pro-biotics in. that in combination with the herbs i’ve been taking should help me make some progress.

i can’t believe how hard this has been. i would love to see something make a difference. anything.


msm powder tastes nasty! this had better work, because it’s gross. bleh!

or maybe i should switch to pills?

good grief

i’ve been at this for a long time. it fades a little and then comes back just as dark. and it seems to be spreading all over my freaking face. :(

that’s ok. i know now that it is hormonal and i know that i had a difficult year full of frustrations and anger and that really screwed up my endocrine system. but i have removed those triggers, my heart is much lighter, and i am eating well. plus, i am taking herbs prescribed by my dearest oriental medicine doctor and my cycle has been regular twice in a row now.

today i am adding msm. word on the internet says that it can help bust up those brown spots. that would be thrilling. even if it doesn’t it’s supposed to make your hair and skin dreamy. extra bonus: it is good for the joints and arthritis is an issue in my family.

i need to include visions of clear makeup-free skin in my daily disciplines.

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