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spend more time outdoors

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Since becoming a geology major at W&M, I actually spend a lot of time outdoors! I went on 4 weekend field trips this semester…in addition to outdoor labs many afternoons. It’s delightful!

I climbed to the top

of this.

That was a few weeks ago, and it was amazing: ).


I spent a lot of time outside with my boyfriend…and last weekend, too. It’s finally getting to be not-too-cold! Matt and I are going to go hiking this spring/summer. Hopefully camping, too!

Matt and I

have planned a walk for next Saturday. Fun times outdoors!


I’m going to rake leaves. Yay!

I went apple gleaning

this Saturday. Spent pretty much the whole morning outdoors. It was awesome.

and especailly now

that it’s so beautiful outside. i WISH i didn’t have so much to do all the time.

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