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Last Saturday, we went out to pick egg plants together..

She likes to do things on her own so I let her do it, including making simple breakfast for us..

After getting up this morning, we got changed to running outfit

and went out running together. Py seems like to love running around in the morning. She didn’t whine or beg for me to carry her back home. We ran for 1 round for 20 minutes and then we went to the temple to play more.

Everyone is saying that
apart from our appearance she is getting to be like me A LOT.
  • She likes to take pictures so much that we had to hide our cameras.
  • She is a beach bum. An island hopper.
  • She likes going to new places and rarely gets cranky though it was a long drive.
  • She likes to hang out by the pool, all day.
  • She mimics me.
  • She takes pictures of feet.
  • She likes to look at blue-eyed cute foreign boys!
  • She likes to dance.
    ...gosh, i am so in love with this girl..

Look at her..

She is getting bigger and smarter. We like to make her laugh by doing goofy thing, and you know what.. she is now the goofiest girl I ever see..

We bought her new toys

for her birthday for next month. She is turning 2 years in Feb 2, 09. We gave ther the mini-pool and a dancing crocodile. She was afraid of it when she first played with it but she was trying to get used to it..She is not a doll-lover so we bought this kind of toy for her..

we played and

laughed out loud when we were together..

When at the zoo, we enjoyed watching and getting to know

new animals together..

Today, when my brother brought Py and Jiab to my shop,

I bought everyone a cone of ice cream but the happiest person was this little girl..

Few weeks ago when I went to my parents',

while I was journaling, my niece came to join me too. She loved to join in whatever I was doing. So after that trip when I went home again, I gave her my drawing book and color crayons and let her draw the way she wanted to. She ended up chewing my crayons…

I want to be a good aunt

because this little monster is just adorable..

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