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convince everyone that pitbulls are great pets.

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One day at the ball park i brought my red nose pitbull. Javian(my pitbull) and I were both sitting on the bench watching the game quietly, not bothering anyone. A little white dog came by us and i stood up and let Javian sniff the dog. Javian put his tail in between his legs and got nervous and backed up. A guy from the side yelled “Watch out that’s a pitbull” and the lady with the little white dog pulled her dog away and said “get your dog away from mine” and i started to walk away. she continued to talk and say “she shouldn’t have that dog here i need to protect my dog” I was very pissed! so i said “excuse me but my dog would never bite anyone.” and she said “your dog has teeth he’s a pitbull” i replied with “lady your dog has teeth too, and so do you. i hope you know you sound completely ignorant” she continued to yell and swear at me so we left. Needless to say i’m not going to that field again. Javian did nothing and still had people yelling and saying bad things about him. He was actually upset and layed down in the car, didn’t even stick his head out the window.

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