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read all the Sandman graphic novels

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One More

I need to grab “The Wake” from the library and I’m done. Not a big fan of this series and I’ll be glad to be done.

Fables and Reflections

Not my favorite of the collections so far. The scattered / unrelated stories didn’t do much for me. Bring me more Dream and Death!

A Game of You

Probably my least favorite so far. The opening and the conclusion were outstanding, but the stuff in the middle in Barbie’s fantasyland was tedious. I know it set up that delightful ending, but it wasn’t worth it.

Seasons of Mists

The best of the first four. I’m starting to really get into this whole Sandman thing. Good stuff.

The Dream Country

I kind of liked these side stories more than the first two collections, and that last story with Death and the woman was quite moving (not to mention the opening story Calliope).

The Doll's House

Now I’m remembering why I didn’t quite finish the series before, because while good, it isn’t so amazing that I wouldn’t rather read a novel than Sandman. But I’ll keep going.

Preludes and Nocturnes

This really is an impressive work of the imagination. I can vaguely remember some of these stories from the first time I read it, but there is some great work here. That horror story set at the diner, and then the switch of having Death show up in the last story here and Dream regain some sense of self. Great stuff.

five and back

I read the first five about five years ago, so I’m going to start fresh and work my way through.

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