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get married to my boyfriend


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Get married and stay married =)

I have been married twice,.. I know it’s bad.. but the first time was just stupidity, I was young and stupid. The 2nd time, I was forced to divorce, and I was massively deceived by my now 2nd ex Husband. I knew a little bit about the situation. But it turned out WAYYYYYY worse then I thought. I believed him because his family and friends all told me the same thing. So I presumed he wasn’t lying. Plus he didn’t seem like the type to do such a thing. And people are always wrongly accused. So I married him. But I understand I have been married twice. Which like I said is NOT good. But I want once more chance to have one everyone else has. I wanna someday be like
Yea my Husband and I have been married for 25 years” blah blah blah.. like everyone else.. So yea That’s on my goal list. I mean Like they says 3 Strikes your out.. right? lol.. I know horrible way to go about it or even say but still.. My parent’s have both been married twice. There 2nd marriage is to each other. They’ve been married for like 30? years now or something but anyways yea that’s it =)


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