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Weekly Task List

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junipurr has written 9 entries about this goal


1. Clear kitchen table.-done
2. Clear desk/file-In process
3. Continue to let go of old stuff.-In process, going like gangbusters.


1. Clear kitchen table.
2. File or toss it all.
3. Find homes for new things.
4. Get to the gym at least twice.


1. Finish and print out documents.
2. Resolve doc bill.
3. Email HR.
4. Get quotes for life and ltc insurance.


1. Send taxes-done
2. Call hospital and pay bill-done
3. Exercise
4. Thin out plants
5. Spreadsheet progress-done


1. Freegeek computer stuff.-Consolidated, but not yet completely sorted.
2. File papers.-Ugh, I suck at this.
3. Exercise.-one day, at least.-Done.
4. Be happy.-progress here!


1. Order glasses-Done
2. Get car fixed-Done
3. Get cat meds-Done
4. File papers.
5. Exercise.


1. Call IRS.
2. Costco trip.-done
3. Thank you notes.-done
4. File papers.
5. Heal from bronchitis.-Done
6. Spring cleaning/organizing once I’m well.-In progress
7. FS.-done


1. Call IRS
2. Costco trip
3. $$-Done
4. Clean desk—Done.
5. Fix pillow-Done.
6. Thank you notes
7. Surf web for mp3 and learn to work mp3 player.-Done
8. Mail package-Done.
9. File papers
10. Bookstore for %shirt-Done.
11. Call phys therapy for appt-knee-Done


1. Call IRS
2. Clean desk
3. Costco trip setup
4. RSVP party-Done
5. Call HMO-Done
6. Thank you notes
7. Wrap and address package-Done
8. $$
9. Surf web for mp3

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