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use up all my lotions and bath salts

29 cheers


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I think with this last two, I can count this as accomplished. I no longer have random lotion all over the place.

One more gone.

I am down to my last two.


One got tossed because it’s gone off, and another one got all used up today. I am down to my last two or three, now. This is great.


Another one gone, today.


Making good progress on this one, finished two off this week and am almost through a third.


Being in a place that has the shower right next to the sink is making this goal easy. I am almost 2/3 of the way through one of my older ones. I think I’ll be able to finish this one within a few months, now.


Started this one again, now that it’s not uber freezing here.


I threw one out the other day that had turned. It was too strongly scented for my liking anyway. Fragrance allergies necessitate most stuff having to be at least unscented for me to tolerate, with few exceptions.


I am working on this one again. A colder fall than normal has made my skin very dry, so a good time to use what I have.


I’m going to focus on this one more in the fall. The summer makes it kind of pointless to put it on when it all gets sweated right off again. Feels gross, too.

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