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Going for a walk in an hour, migraine be damned.


Another hour walk. No hurts this time.


Walked 2 days ago for a solid hour with a friend. Pulled a tendon. Ow.


Walked today.


Did a different DVD yesterday, I think I like the first one better.
Today I had a filling that is really hurting and one of my knees is acting up.
I will see how I feel after the painkillers start working, but I might be giving this a miss, today.

4 days straight now

Walked again. Pulled leg muscle slightly right before, went anyway, no problem.


Did Pilates again. Already made a little bit of progress for strength and form. Two of the exercises I still can’t complete, but I was able to hold the form for them this time, which I couldn’t even two days ago. Baby steps.


Walked today. Trying the approach of either this or that exercise, vs. exercise/no exercise. I’ll see how it works.


I just tried Pilates for the first time. I am now in awe of the woman on the tape, who made it look effortless.


I have noticed I am slowly but surely systematically eliminating my excuses for not doing things that either A: need doing or B: are good for me to do/goals of mine. My latest no exercising reason is that it’s been too cold outside (and it has, for someone with asthma-I’m doubly triggered by cold air and exercise itself.)But I have exercise videos that are sitting idle. So today, I found a yoga/Pilates mat that was on sale and just got it. It’s a bit thicker than the average, as I don’t have the greatest knees and need a bit more cushioning than the average 1/8 inch thick mat supplies. But now there is no earthly “good” reason not to be using them.

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