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get a passport

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I got it in two weeks instead of four! Hooray!


I got my pic taken and filed the paperwork today. I should receive it in about four weeks!


I cashed the money order today for this, so as to be ready for Wednesday.


I will take extra time when I go to my post-op appointment and get this all started and filed. It’s past due.


Urgh, what a pain. The two post offices that take passport pics and at which you can apply are only open for this M-F from 10-2:30 or 3. I will need to take time off for it.


Thanks to a friend, I now have enough money for this! Now to start the paperwork and figure out where to get a photo!


I am very close to my savings goal for this, if not as far as I’d like to be.


I should have enough saved to be able to get this done in December. Crossing fingers that nothing else happen in the meantime.


I have almost 60.00 saved for this now.


I had to raid savings for this to pay bills, thanks to not being able to work as much as before. Grr.

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