just1morelie in Dunedin is doing 8 things including…

get up when my alarm clock goes off

10 cheers


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just1morelie has written 9 entries about this goal

Everyone's on the piss!

Everyone’s drinking tonight in NZ coz its a holiday tomorrow. Even I was till about an hour ago when I got an email saying I have work tomorrow! So I picked myself up and I m now putting myself to bed. :( .. so will wake up to my alarm tomorrow aye? :) aye? ay? :P

Made it to work early today

=) woke up with my alarm clock! I m such a legend!

Ive completely stopped setting my alarm n stuff.

Immah set it tonyt

my alarm clock didnt go off!

but this goal seems to be doing something to my body.. i become awake to the time my alarm was set.. mysterious..

wow our second power outage today!

my experiment is totally fc-u-k-d

bah! atleast it was a good day to sleep in!

i hated myself this morning

coz i woke up late and ended up at work 45 minutes later.. and just really beat myself over it.. only to realise that half the office was also late coz of the crummy crummy weather.. and that i could carry things out just fine .. and now the whole building has power outage bloody hell! maybe its a sign that i shouldnt give up!

here goes nothing..

its 2:15 am.. and im gonna sleep in tomorrow morning!

I do

ARgh! i slept at 11:00 last night when i left the last comment, today set my alarm for 7:30 and still slept in and made a mad rush to work at 8:45. I deserve to die.


I have never been able to wake up on time to my alarm. I always tell myself im allowed to sleep in for five ten, more minutes. I m always late for school

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