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list 43 nice things 43 different people said about me

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36) “You’re the cutest girl in a pick-up truck I’ve ever seen!” – Amanda, Chris’s friend

37) “She’s cool, she listens to hardcore” – Mike Kelly at work

38) “You’ve got a really nice girlfriend” – Amanda to Chris about me

39) gasp “That’s Chris’s girlfriend?! She’s gorgeous!” – some girl at Chris’s job


33) “You have that chill, down-to-earth demeanor” – Mike, the one who gave me deja-vu at the Apple

34) “I just wanted to say you are beautiful.” – Dave Gunther, txt msg

35) “You are beautiful, don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise.” – Devin, while I was walking out of his house

“You have a gentle aura” – Devin


29) “You have to be the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen”- Pe’er, TRUELY THE MOST GORGEOUS MAN I HAVE EVER SEEN

30) “You’d be a pretty good expo” – Ryan at Applebee’s

31) “You’re pretty strong for a girl” – Sean [kayaking, pre-flip]

32) “jvo is more spiritually in tune” – Lauren Coluccio


27) “You’re fuckin sexy” – Dan M-chick. :D. He’s so gorgeous.
28) “I really miss you!” – Adam A, who I didn’t expect to miss me!


26) “Hey hot stuff” – Ethan =]

i don't like how superficial my list is

16) “Your mind is so much more poetic than mine. I’m jealous.” – Kei, in a note after reading my journal

17) “Damn[?]! You know everything!” – Julio, at Applebee’s when i used the phrase “devolverlo” to see if he would return my pen

18) “You’re too beautiful to do that to yourself” – Chuddy

19) “You are the secret to the universe” – Mr Oliva, 12th grade AP Lit teacher, in my yearbook

20) “You’re smart, beautiful, funny…” (or something generic like that) – Stefan, giving me a “talk” via text

21) “Best I’ve ever had, all across the board” – Mike Mc at Applebee’s

22) “You are piano” – Mike Martinez’s mom’s boyfriend, Saying I’m quiet… but I really liked it the way he said it.

23) “You give really good blowjobs” – Adam (lol)

24) “Conscientious” – My 1st & 2nd grade teacher

25) “You look very pretty today” – Eric at Applebee’s

The first, easy ones

1) “You look very pretty today, besides all the sweat” – John, after we commented on how hot it was
And “Be patient, beautiful. It’s not everyday I tell a girl that.” – John’s text msg

2) “She’s so sexy” – John’s friend (I think?), when John was walking back to the car

3) “Hey sexy” – Randy, when saying hi at Applebee’s (to which Mike added “Doesn’t Applebee’s make you feel good about yourself?” haha!}

4) “Ella esta bonita y entiende espanol.” – Johnny to Segundo at Applebee’s

5) “You have such a perfect body.” – Jordan, my ex, during our last hook-up

6) “What kind of man do you prefer? To me, I like a girl like you.” – Giovanni at Applebee’s

7) “Everybody loves you. Everybody.” – John, Applebee’s GM during our One-on-One

8) “They all think you’re [amazing]” – Jenn, about different mutual friends I had recently met through her. I think that was her word.

9) “You’re hot. I’d do you.” – Damien, Jenn’s boyfriend

10) I can’t remember if he called me beautiful or amazing, but I will NEVER forget the look on Mark’s face when he said it. The man I lost my virginity to.

11) “Your hair is such a pretty color! It’s natural, right?” – Girl at Applebee’s (Nicole?), right after I dyed it haha

12) “I think you’re really pretty” – honesty box comment (girl)

13) “u cool + cute” – honesty box comment (boy)

14) “You are one of the most beautiful people I’ve known” – Marni on my honesty box (I guessed it was her and I was right! haha.)

15) “JVO is my hero” – Erica <3

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