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Tribal Fusion Bellydance

Next week I’m going to do three 2-hour tribal fusion workshops at Underbelly. I can’t wait!!!

Well I've started ...

Actually I’ve had two lessons and it’s the BEST fun, I’m enjoying belly dancing so much. The teacher is great and everyone seems to have such a good time in the class … and I think I’m improving, I’ve mastered the Egyptian Walk so that’s something.

Trying again

I’ve enrolled in belly dancing classes … this will be my second bout. I’ve found a new place to go after experiencing a tyrannical teacher at the last place. Well, they at least sound friendly on the phone, that’s a start. And their brochure says you can wear jangly things … the last place I went, she constantly reminded us that we could not dress like belly dancers unless we’d earned the right, which meant years of dancing apparently. Come to think of it, maybe that was her technique for getting people to fork out for endless classes with her …

Well so far ...

I’ve learnt some Egyptian belly dancing. Plus I’ve started to try to teach myself Hula.

This year I’m going to learn Salsa and maybe Bollywood – I’ve found classes for these.

Plus I want to do Swing dancing, I think I can just rock up to Swing Patrol anytime for that.

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