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i don't get it

I overindulged like crazy Saturday. I literally sat/laid in my room and watched stand up and ate junk all weekend.

I felt bloated and gross. I wonder how so many people live like this every day.

Anyway…back on track. It was kind of fun but back to health now. This belly has to go. Also, I need energy.

Another thing…my right knee has been bothering me for several months. I’m terrified and convinced that it is some sort of irreversible degenerative condition and it just makes me want to cry. It’s getting worse. I have spent a lot of time on my knees in the childcare field over the years, this isn’t a surprise. But, at 36, I’m not ready to have bad knees. :(

suggestions and ideas

oregano oil (to smell or burn)

mouthwash more often

good nutritious foods

deep sleep

I've had

some manner of cold or flu for many weeks now. I know i’m a daycare lady but this is ridiculous.

I try to sanitize as much as possible but their collective slobber/snot machine is a tough one to defeat.

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