KaliTime Camaralzman in Baltimore is doing 40 things including…

Make a $500 donation to charity

5 cheers


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KaliTime Camaralzman has written 3 entries about this goal

$5.00 Down

$485.00 – $5.00 = $480.00

Hopefully, more will be coming soon.

Breaking It Down

I’m going to break this down to something more manageable than a $500USD lump sum. Right now, I am $15 down as it is for one charity.

Hopefully, I can pick up the pace a bit and get this one eliminated from my list of things to do.

$500.00 – $15.00 = $485.00

This One Is Going To Be A While

I haven’t had more than a few dollars over the past few years once bills were accounted for. Still, it will be more than worth it once I do have enough.

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