KaliTime Camaralzman in Baltimore is doing 40 things including…

get a new birth certificate

4 cheers


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KaliTime Camaralzman has written 4 entries about this goal

Delayed Pickup

I was supposed to go and do this today but then the news about the miners being brought up broke. I’m not missing this for the world. I’ve got two months to get my birth certificate but something like watching the miners come up is once in a lifetime.


In Two Weeks, This Will Be Off

I got held up by illness on the day I meant to do it but no more. In two weeks time, I am going down there and getting this taken care of regardless of my illness state.

Monday Morning

I’m armor plating myself for a trip to Vital Records to get my new certificate once and for all. I’ve got everything I could possibly need.

The only thing I’m unsure of is whether I should get one or two copies. The point is, its getting done and getting this checked off of my list.

Misprinted Date

Someone at Vital records misprinted the date on mine. Long story involving a lot of childish behavior in people old enough to have known better. My actual file on record has my proper birth date, as does the hospital. It’s now just a question of getting it corrected and getting a full proper certificate rather than a record of birth like I have now.

Things I need for this.


New enamel for my teeth.


The mental strength of several religions venerable people.


About 60.00USD for the fees associated with document correction at various places.

This will get done before the year is out for sure.

KaliTime Camaralzman has gotten 4 cheers on this goal.


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