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I suppose what I do is Art

I’ve finally gotten into full swing with my Art blog and…it’s displaying the work I’ve done thus far. I guess this makes me an ‘Artist’.

An Art Blog

/sing song voice/ I made an Art blog.

Specifically, a blog designed to showcase the stuff I make as a record of my progress in learning about and applying myself to the field of Artistic endeavors.

In other words, it’s a shameless whore blog. As many others often are…

This particular blog is doing double duty though. I’ve had enough people ask me for business cards over the (really REALLY crappy) stuff I knit that I’m hedging my bets and making an easy means for them to not only contact me but see all the other stuff I make. Ah…greed…the great motivator.

Did A Few Sketches

I found my old sketch book in my (much needs to be cleaned out) closet and I’ve been doodling in it. It feels nice to occupy my hands with something other than a keyboard again after so long. In addition to the sketch book, I’ve also found my old journal and have been keeping that up again in addition to my online blogs and journals.


I’d still like to learn/relearn other methodology in the Arts process though. I’m not sure how to go about doing it though. I made a goal for this year not to frivolously spend my money and something like that would be “frivolous spending” when compared with bill or food money.

I’m secretly hoping some MICA (or other! I’m not particular!) person will take pity on me and foster my stumbling steps into the creative processes for FREE.

Don't Even Know Where To Start

I did the required stuff in school and loved it all. Its sad how the Arts aren’t given more attention in school. I actually had a 90 minute Physical Education (sleep) class but barely a half an hour for Music which was only for half of the year before the class was switched to Art.

WTH needs a 90 minute PE (sleep) class? Even the teacher thought it was a joke. Hence our catching up on our sleep.

If anyone has any suggestions on what to try out Art-wise, I’m open.

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