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Do 10 pullups

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karassa has written 3 entries about this goal

1/10 !

So earlier this year I actually was able to do a kipping pullup!

Then I hurt my shoulder, and may need surgery. :p But I KNOW I can do it now! And I’m certain that I’ll come back stronger after surgery and be able to work toward stringing 10 of these together! (I’m hoping surgery just involves fixing an old broken bone that set wrongly, rather than messing with the muscles which I think will heal faster.)

Still working on it - different plan

So the other day, I tried to do a kipping pull-up. I can only get half way up. But I decided to try to do two kipping half pull-ups back to back. It hurt. I broke my collarbone once, and so I have a bad/weak shoulder. My trainer told me no more kipping till I could do a dead hang pull-up. Once my shoulder is stronger, then I can switch to doing kipping.

So my new program is to switch up doing negatives and doing dead hangs with the bands. I’m still on two bands though, for the dead hangs. I can get about 2/3 to 3/4 of the way there with one band.

I like having a solid plan though!

Actually working on this

So I generally do pull-ups at the gym with two giant rubber bands for help. One of the trainers has challenged me to go down to one band. So today, after my workout, I worked on pull-ups. Using two bands I did 3 rounds of 8 pull-ups. When I get to being able to do 10 without a break or without pushing off the box, then I’ll move down to one band. I have really awesome momentum going for those first 5 pull-ups, but then it just vanishes and I can barely eke out the next 3, and I just can’t my chin up above the bar for a 9th rep.

But I figure if I do 3 rounds of max pull-ups a few times a week, I should get down to one band in no time. Then it’s on to completely unassisted pull-ups!

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