Kari Daniel in Paris is doing 34 things including…

Own all The Beatles movies

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Magical Mystery Tour came in the mail today so I now Own all The Beatles movies & I only had to pay for 2 of them!! ;)


Hard Day’s Night

Yellow Submarine

Magical Mystery Tour

Across the Universe

One left...

Yellow Submarine came in Friday so I got to watch it finally!! Didn’t realize until later that it wasn’t the Beatles playing themselves!! I was a little disappointed in that but other than that it was a good movie! Cant wait to see Magical Mystery Tour, should be in the mail in the next couple of days !! :)


Hard Day’s Night

Yellow Submarine

Magical Mystery Tour

Across the Universe

Found Another...

I didn’t know about Magical Mystery Tour till I was on amazon ordering Yellow Submarine. So while ordering Submarine, I went ahead and order Mystery Tour also. I should get them both in the first week in Feb. So this could be the first thing I mark off my list in Feburary :D

2 more!

We just had Christmas with my brother & sister-in-law this past weekend and they got me two of the movies I wanted!! Hard Day’s Night & Across the Universe!


Hard Day’s Night

Yellow Submarine

Across the Universe

I do have a copy of Yellow Submarine on VHS that Joe found at the school a few years back but I don’t have a way to play VHS so I’ve never got to watch it…so I’m not going to count it on this list. I want to have it on DVD first…..


I got Help! for Christmas from my Sister-in-law…
Now I just need

Yellow Submarine
Hard Day’s Night
& the extra not really a Beatles movie but kinda a Beatles movie….Across the Universe ;)

4 Movies...

1. Help
2. Hard Day’s Night
3. Yellow Submarine

4. Across the Universe (This movie isnt really a Beatles move but it only uses their song and its a GREAT movie!)

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