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get an ipod

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I've been putting this...

off for so long, that my situation has changed!
Since I need a new cell phone too, I’m considering buying the newest coolest iphone 3GS.
It’ll probably be an overkill, but I’m almost convinced.

Here are the main reasons for the transition from pod to phone:
- Having 2 separate machines is NOT a good idea for the untidy one who needs to dive into the humongous handbag ALL the time.
- More than 2/3 of the cost will be covered by a discount coupon from the telephone company. The discount is not good for an ipod.
- I really really really NEED the wi-fi feature for when I’m at home and hubby’s taken over the home computer. With a few apps my life will get SO much easier. And there will be significantly less friction and resentment
- I will be able to take pictures and actually do something with them.

I am totally excited, and my only question right now is: black or white?


I asked about some prices @Multirama (big electronics chain in Greece).

- Ipod touch black (32 GB) 389 euros
- Ipod nano MB909Z (16 GB) 212 euros
- Ipod nano MB739Z (8 GB) 159.90 euros

I’m not sure if this is a good deal or not.
I’m not even sure which one I want.

But the store is even willing to give me full refund after 1 week if I choose to return it.

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