katherynrainne in Lubbock is doing 43 things including…

Throw away, donate, or sell EVERYTHING in my house I don't need or don't absolutely love.

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had the garage sale. nearly done with this, but I have one more trip to make to the BACA headquarters with the stuff I didn’t sell!



Garage Sale on Saturday!

I’ve collected items from everyone in the department, too, which is awesome!

I’m nervous and excited!



Garage sale countdown: 11 days.

More and more stuff is added everyday and I convinced the husband that we could sell the couch.

Thank god.

Time keeps on Tickin'

Postponed the garage sale again. Why? I’m not done clearing the crap out of my house. I decided last night that I didn’t want the glass shelf-thing that stands over the potty in the bathroom. (As opposed to the potty somewhere else? Geez. I’m redundant.)

So I threw away all sorts of dusty samples and old product that I don’t use. I consoladated all of my bobby pins (I only own about a billion- I just can’t tell until I get them all in one place). I moved all of my lotions to the vanity in my room.

I just can’t find a place for the hairbrushes. As soon as I can find a spot for those, then the glass shelf can be moved to the “sell/give away pile.”

sigh. it feels good.

stupid garage sale

so i decided to have a garage sale to get rid of all of the things i don’t use/need.

unfortuanately, i am now finding that i have an emotional attachment to junk. why do i need a bag full of puzzle pieces with one or two of the pieces missing? am i ever going to use it? i might, i tell myself, when i make that art collage that i’ve been thinking of forever. or lia might like to have them. or or or or or.

i need to stop making excuses and just get rid of the crap.


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