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organize my life


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katherynrainne has written 2 entries about this goal

what gives?

what constitutes organization? knowing whats going on? keeping a clean house? using my palm?

i may have to redefine this goal. yeah.

Lost Cause? Not yet!

Part of why my mother and I argue constantly is because she thinks I’m ‘unclean.’ Not in a biblical sense, but literally. She thinks my disorganization equals unsterile living environments.

She wrong, though. My house is clean, but messy. I have a nasty habit of allowing random clutter to permeate through the house. And office, actually. Oh, and the car.

But everything has been scrubbed and scoured. I’ve worked two industries (consistantly) in my life: health care and food. So I know about keeping things clean.

Organization, though, is another matter.

I have, however, started a filing system for my recipes. I’ve trying to put my yarn, needles, patterns, etc. away when I’m not using them, instead of leaving them scattered (artistically, of course) through the living room.

My husband is caught up in the act. He and the Baby actually organized the movies on their own inititve last night while I was at Arbonne.

Its making the whole house FEEL cleaner.

Strange, how my mother might have meant that the house never felt as clean as it was, and not actually that the house was dirty.

That’s what I’m choosing to believe, anyhow.


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