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Tried this recipe

from Cooks’ Illustrated. Followed the chicken recipe to a T but riffed on the sauce recipe a bit. DELICIOUS. Can’t wait to try it again soon.


Forgot to mention...

I tried a wonderful pork roast recipe a few weeks ago. Served it with homemade fig sauce (simple and the fig sauce recipe included maple syrup and freshly squeezed lemon juice!!!!!)

Watched an America's Test Kitchen DVD

I got it from the library (I’m ALL about saving money these days) and watched the demonstrations. Tried stir frying twice this week – first time worked really well; second time, I got a bit over-ambitious and it wasn’t such a success. Still… I feel like I have the hang of it, now.

Lentil and barley salad

Found a great recipe on a TV show – It’s Just Food – and made a delicious lentil and barley salad. I’m trying to eat a wider variety of food into my diet, and this recipe gets barley in… which I rarely consume otherwise. And, oh yah, it’s a very tasty salad!

Made this salad... with a few recipe changes

I used a mix of beans, not just chickpeas. And I didn’t have leaks. I used more garlic and less onion. And added a splash of vinegar.

It was flipping delicious! Will absolutely make it again.


Tried a new chicken recipe.

From “How to Eat Supper” cookbook. Meh. It had a sauce of reduced vinegar mixed with reduced chicken stock, and it was fine but not great.

Brined a chicken before roasting

I learned how to roast a chicken not so long ago, and now I learned how to use the brining process before hand. Yum! Makes it juicier.

Tried a veggie burger

Saw it prepared on the TV show Everyday Food. It didn’t turn out great; maybe because I used kidney beans instead of pinto? The recipe said to cook 5-8 minutes on each side and instead, I had to do more like 30 minutes. I’m really glad I tried it but I wouldn’t prepare it again.


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