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go to bed earlier. and get up earlier.

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Well into my 3rd trimester, sleep is a drag BUT I was in bed before midnight last night and awoke today at a good time. Feels good to be able to accomplish a lot before noon!

My sleep has been MESSED UP lately

Two nights ago, I couldn’t sleep at all. So, I tried to stay awake all day so that I’d sleep well the next night. Well, yesterday I fell asleep at 5PM. Awoke at 8PM. Got up, puttered around, had dinner, lay in bed awake ‘til 3AM. Then slept ‘til 8AM this morning.

I’m still sleepy. But, I hope that I’ve had enough sleep that I’ll be able not nap by day but that I’m tired enough that I’ll be able to sleep soundly tonight. And, at a good hour.

Fingers crossed!

I've been doing really well on this, lately!

Not so much through effort, but more through chance. I had to get up early one day and hadn’t slept well the night before, so then fell asleep at around 9PM that night and awoke early. Since then, I’ve been falling asleep before midnight and waking at an acceptable time.


Not sure why...

but lately, I’ve been falling asleep more easily and waking up more easily. It’s been great, and I’m wildly grateful that my body is back on track, at least for now. YAY.

The "Fall back" time change this past weekend

has helped with this goal. I’m usually in bed by midnight these days, and it feels like 1AM. Last night I got out of bed at 2AM to make sure I’d locked all the doors and I feel down the last stair and sprained my ankle; maybe my body’s way of reminding me that I’m supposed to be in bed at that hour…

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