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watch the sun rise and set with the same person

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last bf? didn't do it.

This one? We do this all the time :)

The last one was a few months ago… he surprised me and took me up to Big Bear because he knew I wanted to see snow. We woke up while the sun was rising, drove back with it setting next to us. Beautiful!

that didn't end up happening, but

my new beau has agreed to do this with me! i’m really excited. it has always seemed like a good concept to me – wrapping things up, spending an entire day together, etc. he’s a fantastic individual, so it should provide for a really great day.

the bedmonsters

are still bedmonsters
and i am almost no closer to completing this goal.
notice the …ALMOST.
because i’ve found a friend who is just as weird and spontaneous as myself
and so we might be going to big bear next wednesday
and if we do that, he’s going to come pick me up before sunrise for breakfast, and we’ll have breakfast and hang out then make the drive up to the snow, hang out all day and run around and watch movies and be dumb, and then watch the sunset outside and then more movies ! it would finally happen. that would be terribly exciting. i’ve been wanting to do this for years.

i almost convinced bedmonster number one, noah, to do this, but he is a pansy and won’t wake himself up before 7 for any reason. spoil sport.

i've always wanted to do this.

most of my lazy guy friends are total bedmonsters, they like their sleep and this just wouldn’t work for them.

i have to find someone who will start hanging out with me at like 5 in the morning, and hang out with me until 6ish at night. maybe i should wait until the next round of daylight savings – 6am to 7ish pm sounds better. ahha.

either way. i’d like to spent an entire day, sun up to sun down and probably past that even, have a movie night or something – with someone who would be up for the adventure. i have my eye set on a few of my “beauty sleep” guy friends who might sacrifice a days sleep for me.

i’ll update when i know.

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